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Keep up with my gallery, show me da love... for my art!


Some artwork just can't be let alone without a fav, am I right?


[FAN ART] - Hatsune Miku! by StarmanPhantom
[FAN ART] - Hatsune Miku!
While bored and with my good partner Lum, looming over me as she left for somewhere, she wanted me to doodle up something cute, adorable, and simple to color on account of her injured shoulder!

After some thinking: I had thought of making BUNNY MIKU! Cause... she's cute... smiley face. :D

So here she is, drawn by me, colored by her!


Expect the comic to be on Friday and another piece of fan art this Saturday! Keep an eye out! :3
It's Good to be Back! by StarmanPhantom
It's Good to be Back!
With the shutdown of Toontown Online, I was devastated about it. Truly, it was the first online MMO game I had ever played and I had a great time with it, even if it was just with a 3-Day Trial account! Oh those were the simpler days, weren't they?

When I had heard that a couple of guys, for no money whatsoever, were rebooting it to Toontown Rewritten, I was MORE than elated about it! I nearly tooned myself up to the point where I threw a pie at Lum! Funny at first, painful the next...

When I had logged on, I decided to make a toon that was based on my favorite creation: Cygnus Wright, however TTR's filter system is extremely child-oriented, meaning that I could not name him "Cygnus" possibly due to the problem of... well... the "Cyg" part possibly being in-relation to "cigarettes." My first day playing wasn't all too into it, I only made it past the Toon-torial after I had to get off and back to work! After my first serious day of play, I met a curious blue cat on the Mini-game Trolly who would later become one of my best friends of TTR: Neon Flare! Since then we've been good buds... when we had the time to get on of course.

I digress though: Here is my doodle of Clancy, a mischievous little orange cat who won't hold out on the pranks; Even when you dare to wear white! :wink:

On a side note: That purple mouse you see is another friend I met whom I simply refer to as "Sir," since I do not remember his full name! :D
[JIANG'S CURLY TALES] - 02  - 'Early Check-Out' by StarmanPhantom
[JIANG'S CURLY TALES] - 02 - 'Early Check-Out'

Happy Saturated Saturday, seems I'm a day late to post the comic, but a day later is better than a day never!

Jiang's Curly Tales - 02 is out now!

And yes, before you ask: This, in a way, was based on a true story. The only exaggeration is him turning off my alarm. Enjoy!

[HOLIDAY] - Happy Mother's Day! by StarmanPhantom
[HOLIDAY] - Happy Mother's Day!

On this day, we thank all the mothers around the world that do a good job to raise their kid and provide them with not only health, but a happy-super-funtime life!

I meant to upload it on the day, but with all the activity going on Lum and MY way of Mother's Day... *coughcough*poundcake*coughcough* we just didn't have enough time, but here you go now!
[FAN ART] - Rioichi Cooper by StarmanPhantom
[FAN ART] - Rioichi Cooper
Fan art's always a fun thing to do when you're bored or have poop in your creative exhaust!

What comes to mind when it comes to fan art for me?

Rioichi Cooper, one of the coolest ancestral thieves of Sly's family! Let's face it: He sooooo cool with his double-cane ninjitsu!
I apologize to those who regularly check my comics every Friday for tears or laughter, but things have been rather hectic here lately. My lady first of all being sicker than she normally is, she'll be going to the doctor's sometime on Monday to check what's going on in there, suspecting it's an ulcer as the worst thing, hoping anyway.

As if things couldn't get worse enough, yesterday my love and I went over to her Uncle's house so that her friend could organize some of his paperwork for life insurance-reasons. While we were there we met a "very nice" guy there who was sooooo uppity that even I wanted to hurt him, and I'm generally peaceful!

Anyway, long story short: Whatever happens will happen, whether I'll make it by next Friday is but a mystery at this moment. Stay tuned!
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Jason Nguyen
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Where do I begin on this revision of the entire thing...

I'm a guy who wants to make his dreams of a comic series a reality, with a talking cat sailing an airship through the clouds on floating islands! Isn't that a dream we can all share? I seek to make my first series I work on my first major hit!
With support from you guys, I'm sure I can make it there in no time! Visit the tumblr, check up on here, maybe even my FB too!…
Give this dreamer a sense of reality with his dreams, be a friend!

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