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Some artwork just can't be let alone without a fav, am I right?


[FAN ART] - Championship Boxing by StarmanPhantom
[FAN ART] - Championship Boxing
So a brand new TF2 update just came out yesterday, and with the release of that came a taunt that has yet to leave Lum or my head since we saw it. What's that taunt you ask? The brand new Spy taunt: The Box Trot! (… )

Yes, yes, we know that its origins are from the "Metal Gear Solid" series, whereas the main protagonist, Snake, uses a box to sneak around enemy territory, amazingly unnoticed. But we had other ideas that led to the more hilarious, and who knows? When Lum and I get the taunts we'll probably be "boxing" for a bit before getting into serious business. xD

I've also finally experimented with more layers than just outline and color; what are your thoughts on it? Any improvements? Leave a comment below so I can know! :)
[MRP] - Zal'taj the Exiled by StarmanPhantom
[MRP] - Zal'taj the Exiled
A more updated (and more awesome) version of my Zandalari troll's profile picture for his MRP.
He was a Zandalari that was born and raised on the homeland of Zandalar, but followed the Prophet Zul after hearing of the possible wave of destruction that would sweep through and wipe out Zandalar, if not most of it. He had followed as a medicine man, but as he was trained on the Isle of Thunder, he became that of a Jaguar Warrior.
He saw the vicious pits and battles that he must endure, and fought through spectacularly, but soon seeing his people turn into those abominations, enchanted and charged by the Thunder King's lightning, he ran and was only halfway enchanted, thus only giving him half the true power of the Blessing. Forever his left arm scarred and runed with lightning coursing his veins, and his eye now aglow with a dull yellow. Chased throughout the Isle, tusks cracked and broken with scars plenty, he narrowly escaped the Isle and forever stranded upon Yojamba in Stranglethorn. He sought to defeat the Thunder King with the aid of the Horde, and as he assisted in the defeat of the King, he vowed he would rise his people back to who they would be and who they truly sought to be.
[ORIGINAL ART] - Luvatory by StarmanPhantom
[ORIGINAL ART] - Luvatory
An inspiration that leeched out of our minds after listening to the Vocaloids song, Luvatory, starring Gumi and Rin!

This was the aftermath: Japanese Twin Lolitas, Asami (Left) and Yuka (Right) Kaneshiro, aka, The Lolitas of Horror!
de Inkling by StarmanPhantom
de Inkling
With all the hype of Splatoon, not have I made a contest entry, but the combination of both de Blob, a Wii classic, and Splatoon just made sense! However the contest did specifically say to have no 3rd-party affiliated logos, characters, etc... so sadly I couldn't combine the awesomeness that was de Blob and Splatoon, even though it would make sense!
Perhaps if it ever gets to it, maybe Splatoon can have some sorta special weapon dubbed, "The Blob," a direct reference to Blob and his ability to roll out paint! Collect enough points, and you'll be able to use him as a superweapon, for he'll roll out paint similar to that of a roller, and grow in size as he rolls! Just to nerf him, he'd probably take hits and shrink until he pops!

Just my two cents though... Stay fresh! ;3
I apologize to those who regularly check my comics every Friday for tears or laughter, but things have been rather hectic here lately. My lady first of all being sicker than she normally is, she'll be going to the doctor's sometime on Monday to check what's going on in there, suspecting it's an ulcer as the worst thing, hoping anyway.

As if things couldn't get worse enough, yesterday my love and I went over to her Uncle's house so that her friend could organize some of his paperwork for life insurance-reasons. While we were there we met a "very nice" guy there who was sooooo uppity that even I wanted to hurt him, and I'm generally peaceful!

Anyway, long story short: Whatever happens will happen, whether I'll make it by next Friday is but a mystery at this moment. Stay tuned!
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Jason Nguyen
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United States
Where do I begin on this revision of the entire thing...

I'm a guy who wants to make his dreams of a comic series a reality, with a talking cat sailing an airship through the clouds on floating islands! Isn't that a dream we can all share? I seek to make my first series I work on my first major hit!
With support from you guys, I'm sure I can make it there in no time! Visit the tumblr, check up on here, maybe even my FB too!…
Give this dreamer a sense of reality with his dreams, be a friend!

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